Recalculate InventSum in Dynamics AX

InventSum is needed to recalculate sometimes. We should use InventSumRecalcItem class in Dynamics AX.

InventSumRecalcItem InventSumRecalcItem;
InventSumRecalcItem = new InventSumRecalcItem("ITEM001", true, checkfix::fix);

First parameter : ItemId

Second parameter : Show errors

Third parameter : Fix or only check

What if you want to calculate for all items:

InventTable InventTable;
InventSumRecalcItem InventSumRecalcItem;

	WHERE (InventTable.ItemType == ItemType::Item) || (InventTable.ItemType == ItemType::BOM)
		InventSumRecalcItem = new InventSumRecalcItem(InventTable.ItemId, true, checkfix::fix);

Thank you for reading!

Max Nguyen

Max Nguyen
MCP - Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Consultant, currently living and working in Seoul, S.Korea :)

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