Execute external database Stored Procedure from X++ code using ODBC connectivity

This is to show a method to execute external database stored procedures from X++ code. Create a job in AOT with following code. Follow the steps as explained here in the code like replace Server Name, Database name , Stored Procedure name.

The below code is executed through the ODBC Connection.

static void execExternalDatabase(Args _args)
    LoginProperty loginProperty;
    ODBCConnection odbcConnection;
    Statement statement;
    ResultSet resultSet;
	ResultSetMetaData resultSetMetaData;
    Counter counter;
    str sql;
    SqlStatementExecutePermission perm;
    loginProperty = new LoginProperty();
    loginProperty.setServer("SERVERNAME Here"); // Replace your Database Server Name here
    loginProperty.setDatabase("DemoDB"); //Replace your Database name here
    odbcConnection = new ODBCConnection(loginProperty); // setting odbc connection here.
    // ODBC Connection to create statement
    statement = odbcConnection.createStatement();
    // Replace the StoredProcedure you want to execute.
    sql = strfmt('EXEC[myStoredProcedureName]');
    // Set code access permission to Execute
    perm = new SqlStatementExecutePermission(sql);
        // if Stored Procedure has Select query use executeQuery method.
        resultSet = statement.executeQuery(sql);
        resultSetMetaData = resultSet.getMetaData();
        for (counter = 1; counter <= resultSetMetaData.getColumnCount(); counter++)
                case 0,1 :
                case 3:
    catch (exception::Error)
        print "An error occured in the query.";
    // Code access permission scope ends here.

Used a simple select query in the stored procedure and the result will be displayed on the infolog.

Max Nguyen

Max Nguyen
MCP - Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Consultant, currently living and working in Seoul, S.Korea :)

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