Short-cut keys AX 2012

Command Shortcut key
Remove all breakpoints. CTRL+SHIFT+F9
Insert or remove a breakpoint. F9
Enable or disable a breakpoint. CTRL+F9
Open the Breakpoints dialog. SHIFT+F9
Compilation and Help
Command Shortcut key
Open the Scripts menu. Scripts icon
Open Help. F1
Show method parameter help. CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Execute the current job. F5
Compile. F7
Compile and close a method. F8
Stop method execution (break). CTRL+BREAK
Insert a file. CTRL+ALT+H
Command Shortcut key
Delete from the cursor to the end of the line. Use SHIFT+END to select to end of line and then DELETE
Delete word to the right of the cursor. CTRL+DELETE
Delete the word to the left of the cursor. CTRL+BACKSPACE
Delete the current line. CTRL+X (with cursor in line, no selection)
Command Shortcut key
Insert script. <SCRIPT NAME>
Insert document header. ///
Comment selection. CTRL+E, C
Uncomment selection. CTRL+E, U
Convert selection to lowercase. CTRL+SHIFT+U
Convert selection to uppercase. CTRL+U
Display all methods and properties for a selected class. CTRL+SPACEBAR
Copy selection. CTRL+C (with text selected)
Copy line. CTRL+C (with cursor in line, no selection
Find and Replace
Command Shortcut key
Open the Find dialog. CTRL+F
Open the Replace dialog. CTRL+R
Start incremental search.. CTRL+I
Move to next incremental search match in method. CTRL+I
Reverse the incremental search direction. CTRL+Shift+I
Remove a character from the incremental search string. BACKSPACE
Stop the incremental search. ESC
Go to
Command Shortcut key
Go to a specific line. CTRL+G
Go to the next page. PAGE UP
Go to the previous page. PAGE DOWN
Go to the top of the code. CTRL+HOME
Go to the bottom of the code. CTRL+END
Go to the start of line. HOME
Go to the end of line. END
Move one word to the left. CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move one word to the right. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Go to the method definition. F12
Go to the next error message. F4
Look up
Command Shortcut key
Look up a label. CTRL+ALT+SPACEBAR
Show label text. CTRL+L
Look up a definition. F12
Show the syntax of a method or property. CTRL+SPACEBAR
Command Shortcut key
Save the selected text to a separate file. ALT+S
Close the current TAB, discarding all changes since the last save. F6
Close and save the current code editor window. F8
Close the current window. CTRL+F4
Command Shortcut key
Select all. CTRL+A
Cancel a selection. ESC
Select columns. ALT+MOUSE SELECT
Select a line. ALT+L
Select one word to the left. CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
Select one word to the right. CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Select text from the cursor to the start of the line. SHIFT+HOME
Select text from the cursor to the end of the line. SHIFT+END
Select the previous page. SHIFT+PAGE UP
Select the next page. SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Select text from the cursor to the top of the code. CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
Select text from the cursor to the bottom of the code. CTRL+SHIFT+END
Indent the selected text. TAB
Remove indentation. SHIFT+TAB
Select area/column/block ALT+MOUSE SELECT
Cancel selection ESC
Show white space CTRL+SHIFT+S
Undo and Redo
Command Shortcut key
Undo the last action. CTRL+Z (previous ten actions)
Redo the last action after an Undo. CTRL+Y (previous ten actions)

Max Nguyen

Max Nguyen
MCP - Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Consultant, currently living and working in Seoul, S.Korea :)