Step by step how to create Number sequence.

For this demo, I will create New module, about creating Number Sequence without module is also same steps just leave some steps base on Design picture above

  1. Create ETD ContosoId extends num datatype.

  2. Create Contoso Table with ContosoId field.

  3. Create a new enum value Contoso in base ENUM NumberSeqModule.

This value will be used to link number sequence to the module and to restrict displayed number sequence by module in Form.

We normally create action delete in foreign table to make sure referential integrity in Logic and validation.

The delete action has the following options: None, Restricted, Cascade, Cascade + Restricted

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At the previous post I already show how to customize Response Value list in AIF Document standard service, today we will talk about response in Custom AIF service class.

We already know for Custom AIF service we actually need 2 classes, one is contract for data input and one is service to process a logic. With Response class, it’s literally same with contract class. They both hold parm value.

  • contract class gets parametters.

  • Response class sets return values.


I want to get HcmPersonnelNumberId and HcmWorkerName of current userID on C#.NET application.

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We normally use NETTCP adapter for .NET system, It going to very easy to consume by.

As my experience, if we use NETTCP adapter for consuming by Java system, we will need add some extension or 3rd party due to binding and mismatch schema and of course client doesn’t want to do that either me.

So, my solution is creating HTTP adapter for Java, you can also use .NET system to consume HTTP adapter without any problems

How to do

  • You need to make sure install web services component on Internet Information Services (IIS) and verify that the default website is working.

  • In AX, under System administrator > Services and AIF > Web sites, open from a create new record follow information

Name: DynamicsAXAif60 Virtual directory share path: \\YourServerName\MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif60 URL: http://YourServerName/MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif60

  • From now on, you can create AIF inbound port with HTTP adapter.

After you’ve actived the services, that Port will deployed under DynamicsAXAif60 folder in IIS.

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